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/xeno/ - xenofeminism

/xeno/ - xenofeminism

If nature is unjust, change nature
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/xeno/ is a place to discuss the intersection of technology with personal identity. This includes but is not limited to feminism and gender.

Start here if you're looking for inspiration:

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Since this board is named after xenofeminism, I thought it'd be fitting that the first thread on it would be about xenofeminism.
What are your thoughts on xenofeminism and why?
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Or rather not the disenfranchised themselves, but academics concerned with the disenfranchised.


Essentially it can be summed up as a form of left accelerationism in which alienation is used for gender abolitionist ends.


Thanks. What does alienation mean in this context?


I'd say it's essentially just the marxist meaning of the word


To me the manifesto seems like a bunch of rhetoric leading nowhere. How is it different than simply being a radfem over the Internet, with a focus on biomedical technology? What's so new about the 'xeno' part of it?

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