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/life/ - lifestylism

/life/ - lifestylism

Tips, tricks, and venting
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/life/ is a place to share resources on practical skills and to vent about life under capitalism.

Sharing resources about less-than-legal things FOR PURELY EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES is perfectly cool and acceptable.

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Let's share experiences, tips and tricks related to the NEET lifestyle.
I have been a NEET for like a year, then I was employed for another year, and I am now a NEET once again. I have rent and food to pay so I guess I'll have to go back to working, unless I find a way to make money from home on patreon or something.
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He always seems to be begging up with patreon so i think it's safe to say he earns enough through it. browse http://littleblackcart.com/ find a zine/journal nobody cares about and manufacture some contreversy. remember, with enough whining anything can be fascist. get those simple but earnest it'sgoingdown kids to throw there money at you!

offtopic, sorry.


>become a professional video game streamer
>trade cryptocurrencies
>draw furry porn
>make rant videos on youtube
>whore yourself out on chaturbate

The possibilities are endless.


The NEET life is so sad.


Elaboration: you're parasitizing on your (most probably) working parents/family in exchange for a strangely glorified subsistence income. The identity of a narcissistic adult-child with a lack of empathy and class consciousness is glorified. Also if you didn't already know - we have working class organizations to even-out the social support from the single digits of your family to over hundreds, thousands, sometimes millions of workers coming together. This way you avoid accelerating a needlessly painful death to your relatives as you arbitrarily demand their material support into your 40s supporting your lifestyle of adult baby diapers and self-lubricating robo-catgirls that you take to dinner while unintentionally setting off fire-alarms from vaping too much nicotine.


I tend to think of myself as NEET but I guess I'm actually not since I make money from selling and performing music (not linking here because it's linked to my real identity). When times are tough there are other things I can sell too. It's not like I make much money, just enough to scrape by and well under minimum wage. It's a comfy life though.

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How do you manage to have time and energy for anarchist projects after work/school/etc.?


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I don't


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Is there no way out?


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I find that being intentionally lazy can be quite liberating, and helps me to reduce the amount of productive labor that I'm feeding into the system.

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