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/kvlt/ - occultism

/kvlt/ - occultism

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/kvlt/ is a place to discuss occultism, dreams, drugs, and related things.

Sort of like /x/, but less 2spooky ayyliums and more experiences of altered states of consciousness (and/or communicating with the Old Ones if you subscribe to that belief system).

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I have passed in and out of the threshold of occult life for the past two years. Every month or so I go into a phase of eccentric interest in its various aspects, read about it for about a weekend, and then forget about it for a little while before re-building my interest.

The problem is, I don't even know what I'm really looking for. I want to practice something, but I don't know what that is. I'm getting tired of doing purely superficial academic research that eventually bores me out of it after I find other things to spend my time on.
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Seriously though the best practice is meditation, the rest is ideological wankery. Read this and follow through step by step if you can. It's not easy - it's masochism really - but it gets real results.


I'm still a neophyte at this phase (more of a scholar, really, because I lack the space to setup a proper altar or have a place to meditate without disturbance), but I'll share a few useful resources with you (I'm just gonna provide links because these are pretty big files):

The Psychonaut Field Manual (https://orig00.deviantart.net/abcd/f/2017/047/8/6/the_psychonaut_field_manual_fourth_pdf_edition_by_bluefluke-d8rjuxc.pdf) and Condensed Chaos (https://my.mixtape.moe/iwluwa.pdf) are your best bets for a practical introduction to magick. Pop Magic (http://disinfo.com/2014/10/pop-magic-grant-morrison/) is a good primer as well, but reading through the longer two in addition to Pop Magic is the best thing to do. These will get you started actually doing magick. The easiest to start with is probably sigil magick, which can be as simple as imbuing a sigil with your stated will/intent and then fapping onto it, but there's a bit more to it than that and there are other things you can do. The cumming-on-sigil method is usually recommended because it's the most accessible.

You're going to want to learn to meditate before you try launching a sigil, though. All the resources I've mentioned describe how to get started with meditation.

You'll also probably want at some point to start branching off into the history of occultism and learn more about the different paths out there (the aforementioned sources are all chaos magick, which is cool and all, but there's a lot more out there). The best resource I know of for that is Stealing Fire from Heaven by Nevill Drury. Unfortunately, there isn't a scan of it anywhere on the internet that I've been able to find (probably because it's an Oxford book and they keep their shit locked down). But I have a copy and can try making a scan of it sometime soon.

That should be enough to get you started. Good luck, and remember, belief is a tool.


>>The easiest to start with is probably sigil magick, which can be as simple as imbuing a sigil with your stated will/intent and then fapping onto it.

I never understood this, i always found blood easier, what's easier than bleeding? and for the 50% of us that are born the Unlucky Ones, we bleed once a month without having to do a single thing. this is far easier and to me more 'magical', too. I recomend it.


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It's probably because all the major chaos magick writers were dudes and jerking off is easier and more fun than cutting yourself, unless you're into that. In TOPY they use both blood and sexual fluids plus they spit on it. But anyway does it really matter? I mean does anybody have an experience with sigil magick, or ceremonial for that matter, actually causing something to happen outside of the realm of positive reinforcement?


It's just a popular method. Use what works best for you.

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I know most anarchists who (oftentimes unintentionally) get into the occult typically start with either Hakim Bey or Robert Anton Wilson, but given the incredibly esoteric nature of this intersection, how'd you get into the occult, and what are you currently reading?

Chaos magic's influence in the comic book world a la Alan Moore and Grant Morrison was what sparked my initial interest, but it was Bey's writings beyond Temporary Autonomous Zones that really pushed me over the edge so to speak.

I recently started Alan Cohen's "The Decadence of the Shamans" or shamanism as a key to the secrets of communism from 1991.
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I tired downloading it again twice to make sure it wasn't just damaged and it was blank pages every time. Used Atril first, later tried importing it with GIMP and some other pdf editing programs. All white pages. Have you tried opening without an internet connection? I think it must be fetching something from somewhere. Also when I checked the metadata the "producer" matched with some shady looking files indexed on dxxed.com (not sure what that site is for but the name is suggestive)


I just tried, it worked without a network connection and GIMP could open it too. I.R.I.S. is a somewhat common tool for OCRing and compressing scanned documents, there's nothing shady about it (other than being proprietary software).


weird - I found the same document on some other sites and it works but only works in my browser. Looks like an interesting read, anyway. Can you up it as a cbr/cbz or something?


Hopefully this will work:
If not, just open it as a zip and it should have the pages as images.


Thanks, perfect! I'll post my thoughts on it after reading. Incidentally I found a preface that's not in that version: http://data.over-blog-kiwi.com/0/55/15/36/20150327/ob_98dc61_cohen-shaman.pdf

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I understand the book's power, I am prepared to take responsibility. If anyone here knows where I will find it, I am listening.



Welcome, initiate! Here is the book that shall leadeth thee to truth and power!

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