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Static pages and auxiliary services — by n1x at 01/04/18 (Thu) 04:04:31

Hello all!

You'll notice that the top bar now has links to our Rules, About, IRC, Matrix, and Mastodon.

I've linked the longstanding IRC channel on Freenode for easy access, setup our Matrix server (which currently only has one channel bridged to our IRC channel), and recovered access to the Mastodon account to use for site updates. Make sure to follow it if you use Mastodon and join #general:matrix.0ch.io if you use Matrix. The Matrix server may be buggy, but if you use Matrix you should be used to that.

This leaves me with needing to setup the canary, a secret tor IRC, and possibly streaming for a radio and for movie nights.

That's all for now! xx


In which we arise — by n1x at 12/31/17 (Sun) 11:08:23

Hello all!

You'll no doubt notice by now that I've fixed the stylesheet to not be broken and also not be a ripoff of arisuchan's (in terms of colors, at least).

You've also likely noticed that the overboard has finally been enabled, new boards have been added, and – finally(!) – we have a proper landing page. All done without needing to call any client-side JS scripts. In addition to restoring the old boards, I've also added /kvlt/ and /life/, for all things related to the occult/dreams/drugs and all things related to DIY/survival/venting.

Many of you have probably also seen my post on /0040/ about the state of my life at the moment, which is not particularly good. But like I said, I will keep the site up as long as I'm able to, and I don't expect that I'll run out of money to pay for it. I may consider asking for donations, but I'm sure that most of you aren't much better off than me anyways.

This leaves me with the following things to do for the site in addition to some small tweaks for usability:

- Create a matrix server (which I can bridge to our IRC channel ##0chan on freenode)
- Create a tor IRC channel
- Add a site canary

That's about it. Happy one year anniversary of 0chan!

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