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/deck/ is a place to discuss all things related to hacking, in the traditional MIT sense and black hat alike.

Discussion about free (as in freedom) software and liberatory technologies is, naturally, highly encouraged. Sharing resources about less-than-legal things FOR PURELY EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES is perfectly cool and acceptable. Don't treat this board like /i/.

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So while companys, states and pigs all over the world using all kinds of new technologies against society what are we doing against it to secure ourselfes and others? Why arent we using some dirty techniques too?

Lets play a bit around in our heads with this idea and try to find some answers:
- would it make sense to see what would be the outcome if we feed an ai with data on past revolutions too see dynamics, risks, interactions, … more cleary, maybe adapt, extend nowadays?
- could "predict" an ai something useful for us? which patterns are useful? which data we could use?
- pigs using predictive policing - what could we use?
- what could be other aspects to look for some "hidden" structures?
- …

Or: No, we arent able to do something like this. We are all just stupid unorganized anarchists.

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Fooling them in what sense? The best you could do is stay away from their surveillance systems or introduce insignificant noise, but even with that there's a chance that they could predict you from the data others feed it or simply by generalization. To actually cripple one you would need to generate significantly more fake data than everyone else combined, which is in most cases not realistic.


op again. i don´t want to talk about personal defence tactics. i mean a bigger project for whole structures.

for example the pigs use predpol. so we could also predict police actions?

or what if we could monitor political/military actions?


Surveillance of state institutions and the ruling class.


>> - could "predict" an ai something useful for us? which patterns are useful? which data we could use?

The problem is, it's hard to really predict the future based on the past. we usually just use the past to rationalise what we never seen comming. I have been reading a book that i seem to largely agree with about this recently called 'Black Swans' It is very interesting, I highly recomend it.


>Fooling them in what sense?

in the sense of causing algorithms to draw incorrect or incomplete conclusions

>but even with that there's a chance that they could predict you from the data others feed it or simply by generalization.

exactly, if you don't act like everyone else(which you're already doing by not submitting to the surveillance state) you're hard to predict.

>To actually cripple one you would need to generate significantly more fake data than everyone else combined

You don't need to make fake data. Segregation means you still use social media in some limited sense, but if you don't let them bleed together at all(which is the hard part) their models can't predict your actions as a full individual, only a partial one.

Don't attribute significant powers of discernment to modern AI. The technology is still in its infancy, and will be for some time.

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Want to share this mirror: http://2ia24bshagf5tlr3.onion/nsleaks/

Do you have some more leaked stuff?

Looking for the stuff from @nofrontfriday - pastebin deleted the leaks …


I have the leaks archived, will try to upload somewhere when I get back from work



Midgård shop leak w/ python script that sorts it by city and name:

The files from the rest of the issues are still up on the original mirrors, so I'll just paste those links verbatim below:

The forum databases talked about in issue #2:

Issue #3 files:
Part A (30M): https://minfil.org/Cct8o4c7b8/nordfront-comments.A.cvs
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yeah!!! thanks

now i can stop searching on weird finnish websites .)


File: 1518550327886-0.jpg (72.65 KB, 500x500, frustration.jpg)

you're welcome!

File: 1516407325371-0.jpg (87.17 KB, 700x919, c52a726b155851b6.jpg)


It's clear, and always has been, that young people are the center of any political resistance.

However, there are new forms of social control: cell phones, smartwatches, computers in your car, and all mainstream social media.

We have to get people to recognize that this stuff is harmful to organizing, especially for people planning civil disobedience.

Too much shit is organized on facebook, over SMS, etc.

How do we get people to not be fucking idiots when it comes to security?


to clarify:

the reason why it's significant that most militants are/will be young people is that, young people grew up with these new forms of social control. Getting them to give them up is damn near impossible.


You need to educate your comrades, that's given. Other than that, I'm not sure what can be done. I was wondering if user interfaces could be designed in a way to discourage harmful behavior but I couldn't think of anything and it probably wouldn't be that effective.

Trouble episodes #5 and #6 were about relevant topics, maybe that would be an easy way to introduce the topic to your friends.


Spoken from experience, it /is/ like shitting bricks with certain people. But it works slowly, we are getting more people to practice better security with organizing. It's uphill but worthwhile, trust me. Having consistent audits and workshops, while using the EFF's model of community security is super posi


To be fair to our younger comrades, having grown up with this stuff makes SOME of them a lot better at security than I'll ever be. Technology was already changing faster than I could keep up long before I noticed that I wasn't able to keep up.



File: 1518116134189-0.png (553.41 KB, 1072x799, NothingTooLooseButYourTele….png)


I thought this wasworth a mention, what do you all think:

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New Mission, /deck/ steal that database!


>>44 Or better yet open-source the tool she uses



I don't think it would be that hard to write this or something like it, given time, enough money and heavy dependancy upon FB, etc's api's. the API's will do all the heavy lifting for you. imho, all you would need is time and money. If anarchists did this, you could also incorperate less than legal or 'moral' tactics to be even more affective.

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Why don't you blackhat, anon?
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if you're this paranoid about replying to a thread, your opsec may be trash. just saying


I do! But I do not have enough technical skill to make a living.


Learn, learn and learn some more!! what parts are you already good at?

In my experience it's less about technical skill (a monkey with a decent attention span could do this stuff), it's about creativity.

Go away:')


The hard part is finding free time to devote to learning. I've found several website exploits and dumped some databases. But again finding a way to monetize it is hard. Now I'm working on exploit development.

What would you say some essential skills for Blackhats?


>What would you say some essential skills for Blackhats?

-reverse engineering
-knowledge of common enterprise network topologies
-internal architecture of common operating systems
-applications known to be weak that are still in use today(old versions of IIS, wordpress, etc.)

and most importantly, perseverence.

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Anyone here fuck with BBSes? It's before my time but I love the ascii art in my terminal, would be cool as shit to have a 0chan BBS



pouet.net has a list of BBSes, no idea how many of them are still up: https://www.pouet.net/boards.php


Is there any point to these other than the sentimental value?


I'm a sentimental person


i want to write a bbs from the ground up in golang…

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Hackerspaces are just spaces. Hackbases are more than that. Practical anarchism + squatted house + technology = fun & revolution!?

So why we are still living, working, hacking in diffrent spaces?


Btw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsiYTBQpIJ8 (Anarchist Hackspace in SF)
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Do you know any good reverse engineering games? Only reverse engineering, not the usual mix of exploitation and whatever.


i'd look into ctf contests and crackmes but I've tried neither.

I'm currently solving Rookiss and Grotesque puzzles on pwnable.kr atm, but that's more about writing exploits.

Here's a long list and by no means have I tried or can recommend any of them:



They still recommend HackThisSite… That site actually played an important role in my introduction to anarchism.


Hammond's a great guy. Introduced me to programming, penetration testing, and anarchism. His DEFCON talk back in 2004 is still legendary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeZjWdg_Qn8


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hello deck,
i have two questions for you:

1. if i want to build an general bug detector, which frequencies should i watch? do you have any informations on how the pigs would listen to you and how you would detect that? are there any lists of known bugs/frequencies?

2. someone already played around with imsi-catcher-catcher/gsm jammer things?




What's your threat model? Spooks, police or fash?

Any practical bug would likely use at least VHF or higher just to have a practical antenna. One simple method is to just scroll through say 100-6000 MHz in gqrx in say 100 kHz increments. This will take a while of course.

Finding peaks could be automated, then the peaks manually inspected. This won't work with spread spectrum bugs.

Try shopping for bugs and see what bands those work on, what modes they use and so on.

Speaking of SDR. if your local pigs still use FM then you should set up a scanner for that. With GNU Radio you can record all channels to disk simultaneously all the time - hackRF has more than enough bandwidth, and disk is cheap. There is also the option of scanning TETRA, which is used in many European countries and often not encrypted.


police spooks

any bug suggestions? where to start?
know how to detect gps-bugs?


Well, you'd need to figure out what bands they'd be likely to use. I'd want to have coverage for a GPS bug, and the cell phone system is the go-to solution for that. So look at detecting cell phone signals first maybe? Could be useful for lots of other purposes too.

File: 1514881072233-0.png (280.28 KB, 1280x720, node.png)



I remember this being a popular idea even back in the /anarcho/ days.

IPFS (https://ipfs.io/), Matrix (https://matrix.org/), and the Serval Project (http://www.servalproject.org/) are also worth checking out.

Not entirely sold on the idea of having a piratebox, even a mobile one, as a method of disseminating propaganda. It's really useful if you have a group of friends and need some kind of dropbox or small relay network, but anything large scale can be better serviced with something like i2p. A lot of people get discouraged that most strangers aren't going to randomly connect to the box and read whatever information is on there. Most people aren't going to just suddenly want to use this; they're going to connect and find that they can't access the internet like normal and then disconnect.

However, having a mobile and secure meshnet for demos and rallies would be pretty useful. Definitely one of the better uses for a piratebox.


Yupp! that is precisely what I would use it for in the future. I like to use it at parties as well, it usually sparks some interesting convos.
Love the Matrix protocol, really wanna setup a serval node. IPFS, takes up too much CPU on my dinky thinkpad though :P

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