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/bash/ - anarcho-shitposting

/bash/ - anarcho-shitposting

echo "the fash" | /bin/bash
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/bash/ is a place for random, non-political discussion and funposting.

Please try not to interpret "funposting" and "random" too liberally. Maintain quality discussion, but also have fun!

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find the tankiest bullshit on the internet & put it here


File: 1518902433852-0.png (82.18 KB, 500x622, fha9DHy.png)

fresh off r/FC


wow. what happened did they move to donbass or something?


>fresh off r/FC

>Not FreedomClub



File: 1518967789004-0.jpg (35.31 KB, 500x622, freedomclub.jpg)

Just 4 U


I hope you follow through with your New Year's Resolution, Anonski.

File: 1518519550342-0.jpg (165.38 KB, 731x1024, foucault.jpg)


Post your best valentine's day cards, need something for tomorrow.


File: 1518520918831-0.png (636.01 KB, 496x672, 06 - Peter Kropotkin note ….png)



File: 1518317618878-0.jpg (78.34 KB, 711x768, image.jpg)


What would post-right anarchy look like?


we can only hope


File: 1518386687305-0.jpg (31.21 KB, 540x405, Stirner child.jpg)

There's a post-right anarchist subculture on surface websites like instagram. But they're mostly 15 year olds who think Stirner's ideology was created just so that they can say the n-word.


I think you've found a deanonymized pocket of 4channers.

File: 1517111774282-0.png (208.53 KB, 862x732, shit the critique of the s….png)


It's just frustrating because I know you. I don't know you personally but I know everything about you. You believe you are intelligent but have no real expertise or anything concrete to show for it. You don't really challenge yourself and debate without really thinking or going outside of your comfort zone. In the age of the internet this is easier than ever and at this point the short bursts of affirmation that posting on the internet gives you are an addiction, the only tether of causality between your identity constructed around "being smart" and the material rewards or respect that this should bring. Most importantly, subconsciously you realize that you are not really intelligent, just intelligent enough to get by in a system that encourages stupidity and lethargy. In any real kind of debate or intellectual environment you would wilt. But that's not the worst thing, you secretly know that the people around you (friends, family, acquaintances) don't really think you're smart, they are just conflict averse and they do not construct their identity around "smartness" so don't really care.

That's what I'm here for. I'm an actually smart person with real expertise in an academic field and I'm telling you that you're stupid. Your whole identity is a lie, and while you already know this at some level, which is of course the real impetus behind posting sarcastically on the internet among people you don't respect, the ego is not so easily broken. Your condition is the white male petty-bourgeois experience under decaying neoliberalism and it is only harming you. You will never be Einstein or Marx but most people are capable of being of moderate intelligence given enough humility and self-awareness. I'm doing this for your own good. Until you realize that you are not actually smart you will never succeed at being mediocre and will instead remain in a state of delusion, self-hatred, and isolation from the truth all around you. You will realize this eventually, but if you realize it now instead of at your lowest point you may yet be saved. Again, I am doing this for your own good please treat it seriously.


File: 1517130892259-0.jpg (202.38 KB, 667x868, JosephJacotot.jpg)

What if all intelligences were equal tho


>I'm an actually smart person with real expertise in an academic field


File: 1517516464550-0.jpg (79.02 KB, 800x663, 1515230271356.jpg)

projecting: the post


penis lmao


yuo're pensi gayy

File: 1517516708816-0.jpg (57.53 KB, 616x681, 88u9i7gs9h801.jpg)


how is it done?

excepting a few friends from high school, every leftist I've met in meatspace was vaguely threatening and it really put me off.
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idk, I'm still shy af when I'm drunk I'm just a little more obnoxious.



try benzodiazapines. always helped me with the social.

also, imho if you go looking for anarchists you're probably going to have a bad time. even if you find them they'yre just going to work on you for a few years, making you increasingly more bitter, stressed and tired ntil you give up. If you are not born to the priveleges of the middle class they will also make you feeling alienated and maybe even ashamed of where you come from. this happenes to basically everyone. don't bother with 'the scene' it's just not worth it.


File: 1517671249798-0.jpg (77.35 KB, 985x424, cops.jpg)


you shouldn't be talking about or planing overly illigal/violent actions when you first meet people, you probably shouldn't even after knowing people for a lon time if your relationship with them is soulely through the anarchist scene. If you follow this advice you don't really have a need to irl opsec. Also, always work under the assumption that there are undercovers in every meeting, social centre, squat, etc. etc. as the reality is there is a good chance they are.

Image related.


good advice.


File: 1517743992509-0.jpg (24.41 KB, 500x461, iknowthatfeel.jpg)

Remember the good times too tho fam…

File: 1516424081292-0.png (938.35 KB, 1025x421, blessed image.png)


Asking for a friend


File: 1516442149668-0.png (726.18 KB, 800x1156, azusa.png)

> tradwife aesthetic
What does that mean? Bruises from your drunken husband? Sold into marriage against your will? Being treated as inherently inferior to men, little better than livestock?

Someone please tell the creator of that image that the wives of the aristocracy did not engage in "world maintenance," had no "daily routine" or "discipline" and just wasted time all day, meanwhile the common folk had no grace, did not "grow" dynasties and certainly were nowhere close to the ideal of a "Perfect Being".

Of course if you just want to cosplay as a cute nekomimi meido there's nothing wrong with that.


File: 1517237446704-0.jpg (136.93 KB, 960x960, 1509228527970.jpg)

If you're talking about clothing, then yes.


the aesthetic? sure fam
but that image is serious fash trash
on the left side, half that shit is “death to cis” strawman garbage, and the other half is awesome things that the creator of the image seems to not like for some reason. Psychoactive drugs? queer orgies? Patriarchy-smashing? I’m no transhumanist but this is sounding like a blast and a half.
Option Deux sounds like a boring, repressive and spooky hell. I like me some fresh veg and game meats but I’ll be damned if I see any value at all in DISCIPLINE! ROUTINE! ORDER! TRADITION! like some kind of brainfucked old Imperial Japanese officer.


Some people like being told what to do because it's easier than thinking for yourself and taking responsibility for your actions. I suspect it's mostly learned helplessness, like in the comic of >>>/life/2


File: 1517373034377-0.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1424, anime-1517372949390-60.jpg)

As others have said, there's nothing wrong in and of itself with the aesthetic (pic fuckin related - we need meido revolutionaries), but the trad lifestyle is pretty obviously at odds with anarchy.

File: 1517194852807-0.jpeg (21.3 KB, 262x240, A1CC58DA-DA1D-4DF6-AE94-8….jpeg)


>mfw the premise of the episode was “being violent makes you just as bad as the genocidal, slave-keeping empire that wants to destroy everything you love”


I don't think Sugar could get away with advocating murder. But then again, Bismuth even being there is evidence that executive meddling is not to blame. Or alternatively that Sugar is spineless. I wonder which is worse


then maybe she should have handled the entire deal differently. For example: on one hand, the Diamonds are clearly horrendous on an intergalatic scale, and on the other hand, Sugar has literally said that “SU has no bad guys” and the entire crew seems to make it their mission to make every single character be sympathizable no matter how horrible they obviously are. If she had wanted a feel-good show where all actions are forgivable, why didn’t she just stay away from the whole “slave empire” business in the first place?


Yeah, I don't really get what the point of SU is supposed to ultimately be. Magical boy Jesus showing that ~love~ will conquer all? They've at least shown Steven's naïve way of doing things doesn't always work a few times (based Ruby, please come back)

File: 1515397314511-0.png (541.3 KB, 753x519, slowtaku.png)

File: 1515397314511-1.png (64.68 KB, 195x303, fox_stirner.png)


They say it's 'stealing'. We call it 'liberating'.
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File: 1515959633443-0.jpg (98.32 KB, 800x581, c2f11c2bd3d32fee16418dc1a8….jpg)

I'm going to post whatever anarcho-furrism I find on e621 in here


File: 1515960579364-0.jpg (223.86 KB, 694x800, 7feff8ae5aedf7bd2a74a496e9….jpg)

"molotov cocktail" is quite a fruitful tag


File: 1515961161600-0.jpg (75.78 KB, 800x622, 63a43ab77d09e8f8ad33c7ce78….jpg)

hah, the mayor


File: 1516156685579-0.gif (7.53 KB, 298x436, wildcat.gif)

This doesn't belong among such furry degeneracy, but anybody remember the original catgirl?
Do you or anybody have the 'organic cruelty-free jenkem' version of that comic from anokchan? I made it but forgot to save it.


Please mate, make a separate thread for that. That comic does not deserve the association.

File: 1515067843074-0.jpg (357.29 KB, 984x663, busted freeparty.jpg)


Post footage of riots arranged to music!

When Protesters Strike Back: 2017

When Protesters Strike Back: 2016

When Protesters Strike Back: 2015

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Much obliged, sir or madam

An aside, that site is really rude if you surf in using Tor browser:
>Enable Javascript you fucking autistic neckbeard, its not gonna hurt you.


It's the standard for pomf.se based sites.



Damn that's hardcore… the protest footage is not bad either



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